Welcome to Blooms Farms, where our commitment is to cultivate a self-sustaining lifestyle that aligns with environmental well-being. We specialize in developing picturesque farmlands, constructing charming villas, cultivating wholesome fruits and vegetables, and crafting homemade nourishments – all crafted to empower individuals towards an independent life in harmony with our planet.

At Blooms Farms, we envision the future as a canvas where true artistry lies in creating a comfortable living from a small piece of land. Picture yourself in a tropical haven in India, enjoying organic salads made from vegetables grown in your own backyard during the summer or taking a serene stroll through towering trees to unwind after a day’s work – all within the sanctuary of your own home. Blooms Farms invites you to embrace a lifestyle where the beauty of self-sustainability meets the comfort of home.

In the heart of Wayanad, we, Johny and Ancy, are grateful to call this beautiful place our home. Wayanad, known for its natural charm and warmth, has always held a special place in our hearts. While our professional journey led us to civil engineering, our true connection lies in the soil and farming traditions of Wayanad. 

In 2008, we founded Blooms Farms to share the Wayanadan lifestyle with others. Rooted in organic farming and a simple harmony with nature, Blooms Farms is our way of inviting you to experience the beauty and peace that Wayanad has to offer.

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