Blooms Farms is on a mission to bring self-sustaining lifestyle to people in a way that’s better for the environment. We develop farmlands, build earthy villas, grow nutritious fruits and vegetables and make homemade nourishments – all these to facilitate an independent life and coexistence with our planet.

We believe, the greatest fine art of the future will be making a comfortable living out of a small piece of land. A home in the tropics of India and in a land of great Sultans of the past, is not far fetched from reality. Enjoy the summers with a salad of organic vegetables picked from your backyard, or a stroll through the tall trees to destress from work, without leaving the comfort of your home.

We, Johny and Ancy, feel so lucky to call Wayanad our home. It’s one of the most beautiful and friendly places in India! Although civil engineers by profession, we always had a strong connection with the Wayanadan soil and farming. In the year 2008, we established Blooms Farms to bring the world closer to the Wayanadan lifestyle. It was built on the foundations of organic farming and peaceful coexistence with nature.

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